Pass the SALT conference
> Lille, France
> July 3-5 2023


A totally free conference.
dedicated to Free Software & Security.
Talks & workshops delivered by experts. In English.

High quality talks

2023 edition will host 22 talks covering 9 Security topics (supply chain, boot security, OSINT, network DFIR, pentest, reverser tooling etc). Talks are all delivered by experts.

Quality Networking in a friendly French atmosphere

The small size of the event (100 to 300 people) allows you to have quality exchange experiences with open-minded attendees or speakers in a relaxed and welcome ambiance.


There will be 3 workshops on Syslog-ng, Scapy and Sanzu. There will be given by a project developer/maintainer or an expert on the field.
Come to discover and practice!

Previous editions

Not yet convinced? Let’s give a look at some previous speakers and some collaborations born during the conference. You can also browse last edition report to have a good overview of the event.

Your Feedback

My slides ‘Hacking Jenkins’ for #pts19 and #HITBAMS is out! This is my first time to go to France and Pass the SALT (@passthesaltcon ) is such a really really good and interesting conference!

Orange Tsaï

Orange Tsaï

Principal security researcher at DEVCORE, multiple times PwnieAwards and Master of Pwn winner

‘My Favorite IT Security Event: Pass the SALT’ - My latest blog describes why I love @passthesaltcon , points you to the recording (& blog) of my talk, and lists some of my favorite talks I listened to this year at the #conference.

Peter Czanik

Peter Czanik

@sngose & @SudoProject evangelist at @BalaBit (@oneidentity)

@passthesaltcon The conference gave me a lot of energy and inspiration. Thanks to all of you!

Ange Albertini

Ange Albertini

Corkami, CPS2Shock, PoC||GTFO, Sha1tered. Security engineer @ Google. He/him.


November 2022: announcement of the 2023 edition dates
December 2022: the new website is online!
January 2023: opening of the Call For Papers
April 14, 2023: closing of the Call For Paper
May 1, 2023: notification to the speakers
May 15, 2023: publication of the program
July 5, 2023: opening of the booking interface
> July 3 to 5, 2023 : the conference (is now over ;-) )


The list of the sponsors for the 2023 edition will be updated during the first quarter of the year. If you want to sponsor the event, please find the support document here: [fr] and [en].


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The Team

Pass the SALT is brought to you by a small but enthusiast and dedicated team:
- core team: @_cryptocorn_, @cbrocas, @doegox, @follc and @moutane.
- on-site volunteers: @abrianceau, @acervoise, @cdpointpoint and Marc T.
- and all the Polytech crew for the perfect support work!